You can invite your Spouse and children to join the game and enjoy family togetherness in the application of punyacelengan.


You can freely set the amount of the budget that you wish to be allocated for the Children. You don’t have to be worry, your savings balance will not be reduced.


Coin is the virtual currency used in the application of punyacelengan. The Children can learn to save the Coin.


The children can create their own wish lists by adding their desired items. The children cannot create wish list that the amount exceeds the budget specified by Parents. In addition, Parents can view the wish lists created by each of their Children.


Parents can create a list of tasks for their Children. Tasks are series of challenges from parents that must be completed by the Children. The Children will complete the tasks and report the results of their works by take photos and send messages. Parents will assess the results of the works that are done by their Children and determine whether the results are accepted or rejected. If the results of the tasks are accepted then automatically the Coin will be given to Children in accordance with the amount promised at the beginning when creating the tasks, however if the results of the tasks cannot be accepted or are rejected, the children need to perform the tasks again.


Applications of punyacelengan teach the Children to save money in a fun way by saving the Coin that they are earned from their Parent. In addition, the Children can also learn to share by distributing a number of Coin to their sibling. If the numbers of Coin collected by the Children are enough to get the wish list, the system will automatically send a message to the Parents in order to immediately buy the items and give it to their children.


Parents and Children can view all activities that occur in the application of punyacelengan.


The trophy can be obtained by the Children when they successfully complete the tasks given by the Parents. The child will get a number of Ruby for each trophy and wish list that are successfully obtained.


The collected Ruby can be used by the Children to unlock new characters and themes. The more ruby they are collected, the greater chance to get new characters and themes.

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