Q: What is the name of this service?

A: The name of this service is “punyacelengan” application.

Q: What is the “punyacelengan” application?

A: It is services provided by MNC Bank specifically for customers who has a savings account. The concept of “punyacelengan” is an application that can be used by the parent (customers of MNC Bank) in order to interact with their children by providing a task which is accompanied by a gift in the form of “Coins”. Application of “punyacelengan” is a non-transactional application which means no financial transactions therein.

Q: Who can use “punyacelengan” application?

A: The application service of “punyacelengan” is dedicated to individual customers of MNC Bank who has savings in MNC Bank. Savings that can be used (registered) by the customer on the application of “punyacelengan” are the savings product that has an ATM card and not a type of installment savings products.

Q: What products can be used to be registered in ”punyacelengan” application?

A: The application of ”punyacelengan” is a privileged features created specifically for the customers of MNC Bank who have savings products (non-installment regular savings), the example of these savings are MNC Savings. Savings products such as Installment Saving products, Current Account products, Time Deposit products cannot be used to be registered for ”punyacelengan” application.

Q: Is there financial transaction in ”punyacelengan” application?

A: Applications “punyacelengan” is a non-transactional application which means no financial transactions at all in the application. All activities performed on the application of “punyacelengan” will not affect (reduce, add, or lock) the savings balance. The only function of the application of “punyacelengan” that relates to the savings is limited on displaying the balance of the Main Account.

Q: What are the benefits of the application service of “punyacelengan”?

A: Application of “punyacelengan” provides a fun new way to teach your children regarding finances. Applications of “punyacelengan” helps parents to better communicate and interact with their children and provide understanding for their children regarding the importance of saving and discipline.

Q: Is the application service of “punyacelengan” safe?

A: Yes it is. The service is safe because:

  1. All user’s information is secured by referring to the security standards applied by regulators and related industries, and have been through the Penetration Testing conducted by third party / independent party.
  2. ATM PIN being entered is already in the encrypted form and not stored in “punyacelengan” application.
  3. Users must enter email / username and password in advance when they will access to the application of “punyacelengan”.

Q: What are the features of the application services of “punyacelengan” ?


  1. To manage the family
  2. To control the children’s budgets
  3. Children are able to create wish list
  4. Parents are able to assign the task to their children
  5. Children do the tasks assigned by the parents and report the results
  6. Parents assess the children’s task results
  7. Parents give gifts to the children on the task they have performed

Q: What if I do not have any savings of MNC Bank?

A: For potential users who do not have savings in MNC Bank, they can open the “Make Appointment” page available in the application of “punyacelengan” and thereafter enter the full name, phone number, email address, city, and the convenience time to be contacted.

Q: Is there expiration period of this product?

A: This product has no expiration period.

Q: Is there a minimum balance of savings for using the application of “punyacelengan”?

A: Provisions of minimum savings balance shall be in accordance with the provisions of savings products applicable in MNC Bank. Application of “punyacelengan” does not have special requirements associated with a minimum balance. The balance of the savings used as a reference number of “Coin” owned by the Main Account of the application of “punyacelengan”.

Q: Who is the “Main Accounts”?

A: Customers who has a MNC Bank’s savings account can register as a user the application of MNC Bank. Registration is conducted by the customers in the application of “punyacelengan” after the customer (in advance) downloads the application of “punyacelengan” on their Smartphone, using either Android or iOS operating system.

Q: Can my email (Main Accounts) and email of “Spouse Account” be replaced?

A: Emails that have been successfully registered in the application of “punyacelengan” cannot be changed again, so the Main Account will need to ensure that the email entered into the application of “punyacelengan” is correct.

Q: Who is the “Spouse Account”?

A: Spouse Account is an application account made by the Main Account in the application of “punyacelengan”. Spouse Accounts can use the application in accordance with its role as the parents as to make the task for the children, however the Spouse Account cannot see the data of the saving account being used during registration made by the Main Account.

Q: Is the "Spouse Account" obliged to be made / invited on the application of “punyacelengan”?

A: "Spouse Account” is an option that can be made by the “Main Accounts”, so it is not obliged to be invited.

Q: Is the “Spouse Account” able to see the balance of savings that is used by the “Main Account” during the registration?

A: The balance of savings account that is used for the registration can only be seen by the “Main Account” and cannot be seen by the “Spouse Account" or “Children Account“.

Q: What can be done by the “Spouse Account”?

A: The “Spouse Account” may opt to make Tasks for the “Children Account”, and then approve or reject the completion report of the Task of the “Children Account”.

Q: Who is the “Children Account”?

A: Children Account is an account of the application of “punyacelengan” made by the Main Account to opt in the application of “punyacelengan” as the children of the Main Accounts. Children Account can view the tasks card or tasks list assigned by the Main Account and / or the “Spouse Account and then get “Coins” if the result of the task is approved by the Main Account and / or Spouse Account (depends on who give the tasks).

Q: What is the One Time Password (OTP)?

A: OTP is a verification code sent through via SMS to the customer when successfully making process the Main Account profile.

Q: What if my (Main Account) does not receive OTP code during the registration process?

A: If the customer does not receive a OTP code that is sent through SMS, the relevant customer can request the OTP code by selecting the “resend” or “re-submit”.

Q: What if my PIN of ATM card of MNC Bank (Main Account) is blocked?

A: Activation of ATM card of MNC Bank due to incorrect PIN can be done in branches as long as the verification of the authenticity of customer’s data owned the owner of ATM card of MNC Bank can be performed. These procedures follow the standard operation and procedure of ATM card applicable in MNC Bank.

Q: What if I (Main Accounts) Forgot the Password?

A: For the Main Account that forgot the password, can request a new password by selecting “forgot password” on the start screen of the application of “punyacelengan”. Then choose the role as parents and enter the phone number that has been registered previously. The system will automatically send the OTP code to the phone number registered by the customer. Customer will receive the OTP code and put the same into the application of “punyacelengan” in order to be able to enter the new password.

Q: How do I (Main Account) change the Password?

A: Main Account can change the password being used to access the application of “punyacelengan” via the settings menu. Main Account presses the “change password” button, and then enters the password that has been registered previously, this will allow you to set a new password.

Q: What if I (Main Accounts) want to change the mobile number on the application of “punyacelengan”?

A: Main Account can change a phone number listed in the application of “punyacelengan” via the settings menu. Main Account can press “to change the phone number” button and enter a password for validation. Once successfully validated, then the Main Account shall enter a new phone number. The system will automatically send the OTP code to the new registered phone number. Main Account receives the OTP code and put it in the application of “punyacelengan”.

Q: How do I (Main Accounts) change the bank account in the application of “punyacelengan”?

A: Main Account can change the used bank account through the settings menu. Main Account can press the “change the bank account” button and enter a password for validation. After successfully validated by the system, then the Main Account can enter new bank account by filling out the savings account number of MNC Bank, ATM card number of MNC Bank, PIN of ATM card of MNC Bank.

Q: Why is my Account (Main Account) locked by the system?

A: Main Account at “punyacelengan” will be automatically locked by the system when the amount of savings balances held by the user of the application of “punyacelengan” less of the total budget that has been allocated for the Children Account. To be able to reuse the application of “punyacelengan”, the Main Account must increase the amount of the savings balance pursuant to the amount that has been allocated to the Children Account.

Q: What is referred to “Coin” in the application of “punyacelengan”?

A: “Coin” in the application is a recording in the application and not in the form of real money or real currency.

Q: How to register the application of “punyacelengan”?

A: Customers who have downloaded and installed the “punyacelengan” application will be required to follow the registration process in advance by entering the following data on the registration page in the application of “punyacelengan”:

  1. Account number of the savings
  2. Number of ATM card
  3. PIN of ATM card

Finally the customers need to enter OTP code that is sent to the mobile phone number registered by the customer, in order to activate Main Accounts in the application of “punyacelengan”.

Q: Is the data entered by the customer during registration stored in the application of “punyacelengan”?

A: Data being entered at the time of registration of “punyacelengan” application will automatically be encrypted and sent directly to the core banking system of MNC Bank. There is no registration data stored, processed or displayed by the application of “punyacelengan” so that the confidentiality of the registration data remains safe and secure.

Q: What Operating Systems that are able to support the application of “punyacelengan”?


  1. Android : Minimum Android 4.4 to the newest
  2. iOS : Minimum IOS 8.0 to the newest

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