May, 2nd
Curious • Gentle • Honest • Crybaby

Swart is the youngest of 3 siblings. As the last child, Swart likes to be pampered and showered with affection. His older brothers like to tease him a lot but he still follows them around wherever they go.

Ladpole and bantune all like to play in his house because Swart has the latest games and his mom’s cooking is delicious. It’s no wonder Swart rarely plays outside. When he does go outside, it’s to learn about plants and wildlife. He likes plants so much that he once cried because he stepped on flowers.

Swart had dreams of being a fighter jet pilot but quickly changed his mind when he had to wear glasses. Now Swart wants to be the first pig in space as an astronaut!

Fun Facts
Swart cries a lot but it’s easy to make him stop by giving him his favorite food. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Thinks his glasses makes him look smart. Ladpole thinks it makes him look like a nerd.

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