September, 4th
Energetic • Cheerful • Friendly • Moody

Now, Sprinny loves to go outside and play with friends around her age. She learns to speak and playing games especially sports. She knows well how to make people around her comfortable. She is an expert on making new friends. Plus, now she is involved in dance club in her school and it makes her popular. She smiles often, a cheerful character, and easy going makes her a special bunny. Two years ago, surprisingly she won Miss Little Smiley, a beauty pageant for teenager. As the time goes by, she does outdoor activity more, especially running.

She got a best friend named chicorus who has a thing in common with her, singing. As her personality is a moody one, Sprinny sings a lot as her way of expressing her feelinga. As a popular person, she cares about her looks. She always tie her hair up in every situation and now eats lots of vegetables, such as carrot.

Fun Facts
Surprisingly, she can not ride a bike and popular not only because of her dancing skill but also her cracking voice.

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