November, 6th
Confidence • Dedicated • Charismatic • Narcissistic

There are five important things in Roostar’s life, which are his family, friends, music, fans, and most of all, his style. Roostar cares a lot about his appearance. He knows well that his fans loves his long hair, so he put a lot of efforts in styling it. He wears a scarf in each of his performances and gives it to his fan after he stage dives.

Roostar was destined to be a rock star. His family knew it since the first time he chirped. They have been supporting him to be the greatest rock star of all time, although Roostar already has a lot of fans since he was in school. He has lots of trophy from singing contest to composing song competition. Roostar’s favorite performance so far happens to be his first victory in singing competition. He composed a special song and practiced every day. He gave 100% of his talent and passion into his performance. All of the judges, participants, and crowds were cheering for him. It made him realize that working hard in what you love is the best way to live.

Fun Facts
Roostar named his yellow-guitar “bana” shorten from banana, his favorite fruit.
Roostar needs 30 minutes to styling his hair before perform on stage.

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