May, 4th
Patient • Diligent • Cautious • Timid

Piglearnt has a reputation among his friends as the smart one. He is always willing to help Chicorus, Hoprince, and Sprinny with their homework. Piglearnt worries a lot because he always thinks of every possibilities. That’s why he’s the one to warn his friends about the dangers of any adventures they might have planned.

Piglearnt no longer dreams of being an astronaut because he gets motion sickness easily, that’s why he also hates long car rides. He decided if he can’t fly in a rocket, might as well make one. So, he wants to be a rocket scientist to design rockets for living. How cool is that?

Fun Facts
Piglearnt has been trying to get skinnier by following Sprinny’s exercise routine. Still no luck so far because he always eats twice as much after every exercise.
He carries his notes around everywhere because he doesn’t want his ideas to be stolen. Although he’s not really sure who would want to steal them anyway.

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