June, 1st
Active • Cheerful • Sensitive

Ladpole was born as a prince of the royal family. Ladpole has one brother and one sister, and he is the oldest among them. He is active and cheerful, blessed with extraordinary abilities. Ladpole has grown up in a small castle located on the seaside and he really likes to build a sand castle on the beach. Ladpole is very fond of drawing, he will draw anything he had just seen.

Ladpole is so creative he likes to make his own toys by collecting materials around the castle. Under certain conditions, he may suddenly become sensitive because of nerves and he can cry at that time.

Fun Facts
Ladpole has the same birthday date with International Children‘s Day and Pancasila (official philosophical foundation of the Indonesian state).
Ladpole has so many toys even his own room in the kingdom can not accommodate more toys.

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