August, 11th
Brave • Optimistic • Caring • Responsive

Hoprince is a brave and optimistic young man. He started to hone more his ability in swimming; he usually sets aside time every day to practice his swimming. He also likes to play basketball as he could jump so high that he could leap over a tree, do every kind of slam dunks and become the country’s high jump champion.

Other than that, his parents taught him to always care for others, and this trait has been formed since childhood. In some moments, he is very happy to be able to help others. In instance, he tried to help Bantone fixing his microphone. Hoprince has a big dream that one day he could empower and unite the world with kindness!

Fun Facts
Hoprince likes to give motivational speech in front of chicorus, piglearnt, and sprinny.
To improve his public speaking skill, hoprince practices a lot in front of mirror.

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