November, 25th
Innovative • Responsible • Bold • Talkative

Hogworth used to be shy when he was younger, but now he can’t stop talking! Which has it’s good side and bad side. The good thing is he’s really good at teaching now able to explain every tiny detail. The bad thing is he tends to dominate conversation and being a bit of a know-it-all with facts that no one understand. If Hogworth talks too long one of Croaking, Roostar, and Harush usually changes the subject quickly.

Hogworth is a rocket scientist working at a famous space institute. Many of the rocket’s he designed is now used by the government for space exploration. He still dreams of making the perfect rocket. The fastest, strongest, biggest rocket ever! He hopes that rocket will be the one astronauts use to meet the first aliens.

Fun Facts
Hogworth has been trying for ages to make it as a novel writer. Sadly, there’s not a lot of demand for stories about a Half-Pig, Half-Wizard student.
Popular with little kids because he lets them rub his big belly. He gets mad whenever Roostar does it though.

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