July, 11th
Creative • Energetic • Ambitious • Clumsy

Growing up, Chickorus is fond of rock music. He wants to be a rock star and has a sold out concert at Madison Square Garden. The first time he discovered rock music, Chickorus was on his way to meet Sprinny for an afternoon run. He passed through a music store that was playing “We Will Rock You”. He was amazed by the energy he received while listening to the song. Since then, he could not get the song out of his head and was very interested in exploring rock music.

Chickorus saved his pocket money for 10 months to buy his first microphone. Sadly, he broke it when tripped on stage. He tried to fix it by himself with duct tape and asked hoprince to help him, but they could not fix it. Suddenly, on Chickorus’ birthday, his mom gave him a new red-colored microphone as a birthday present. He loved it very much. He then composed a rock song about his mom and dedicated it for her at one of his mini concert.

Fun Facts
Chickorus hopes that he can jump as high as Hoprince, so he can stage dive in his mini concert.
Chickorus believes that wearing a bandana will help him to keep his voice strong.

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