March, 9th
Brave • Spontaneous • Cheerful • Forgetful

Bantune was born in a big family. He has 10 sisters and 12 brothers. Bantune has the loudest chirp amongst his family. He uses his loud chirp to help his mom gather his sisters and brothers when the sun goes down. Bantune loves to play outside his house and hear the voice of bird tweeting. He would try to imitate the birds’ sound, then giggles with his brothers when the birds tweet back.

Bantune cannot live without music. He watches musical television series every day and has a dream to become a singer in theater. His passion for music was developed because his parents sang to him every day when he was still in his egg. He remembers the song a little bit and hums the song to himself. He likes to hums different tunes every day but he often forgets it the next day. One day, he wrote the song he hummed, so he would remember the tunes. Unfortunately, he forgot where he kept the paper.

Fun Facts
Bantune has the same birthday with W.R. Supratman (the songwriter of national anthem “Indonesia Raya”).
Bantune’s favorite time of the day is when his mom sings him lullaby before bed time.

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