punyacelengan is an educational platform for Indonesian families by providing a new fun way to teach Children regarding financial concepts in the digital era, and helping the Parents to provide their children an understanding about the importance of saving and discipline. punyacelengan is an application with an attractive design and easy to use. Come and get a lot of benefits from punyacelengan.
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punyacelengan can be used in smartphones and tablets.

How Does punyacelengan Work
Provide a new experience to your child about the financial concepts in a fun and simple way.
Wish List
Give discretion to the Children to create a list of their wish list.

Task & Reward
Give a numbers of challenges that must be undertaken by the Children. Add some Coin as a reward in order to motivate the Children to complete the challenges.

Let’s Do It
Children will complete each task and report the results to you as a lesson to be responsible.

Task Review
Give responses to the challenges that have been successfully completed by the children, and the Coin will be given if the results are satisfactory.

Reward Time
Coin that have been collected by the Children could be allocated to get the items and to realize their wishes.

Family of punyacelengan
There are 12 characters of punyacelengan that will always accompany your child whenever they are playing!
Manage the Family

You can invite your Spouse and children to join the game and enjoy family togetherness in the application of punyacelengan.

Control the Budget

You can freely set the amount of the budget that you wish to be allocated for the Children. You don’t have to be worry, your savings balance will not be reduced.

Coin is the virtual currency used in the application of punyacelengan. The Children can learn to save the Coin.

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